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Housing Choice Voucher

Program Manager: Tracy Richardson & Lisa Kaye Price

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a rental subsidy program in the private sector. When Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) are available, those at the top of the list will be called in for a Briefing which explains the HCV program. At this time, all information will be verified. If you are eligible, a voucher may be issued. You will then have sixty (60) days to find a privately owned rental unit within the guidelines of the HCV program. The maximum housing assistance is determined by the Payment Standard in effect at that time. The unit will also need to be inspected and must pass Housing Quality Standards. The tenant will be responsible for paying his/her portion of the rent, as determined by the Program Manager, directly to the landlord. GMHA will also pay its portion directly to the landlord. GMHA does not assist with security deposits.

GMHA has a Family Self-Sufficiency program to assist families seeking new or better employment. Any GMHA HCV tenant is eligible to apply. Please call our FSS Coordinator, for more information

Mainstream Vouchers

In early 2020, GMHA was awarded 10 Mainstream Vouchers to serve non-elderly, disabled individuals and families. Later in the year, 3 more were received. “Mainstream Vouchers (also formerly known as Mainstream 5- Year Vouchers or Section 811 Vouchers) are tenant-based vouchers that serve a special population of households. All Mainstream Vouchers will now serve households that include a non-elderly person(s) with disabilities, defined as any family that includes a person with disabilities who is at least 18 years old and not yet 62 years old at the effective date of the initial Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract, (i.e., the effective date of the New Admission…” “Aside from serving a special population, Mainstream vouchers are administered using the same rules as other housing choice vouchers.”

GMHA partnered with several local agencies for initial and continued support of both participants and landlords. Additional preferences are available for those who are transitioning out of an institutional or other segregated setting, homeless or at risk of homelessness. For more information, please contact Tracy Richardson at ext. 105 or Sheryl Hatridge at ext 100. You may also visit our How to Apply tab for more information.

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